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What if I can't afford to post bond?

If you are reading this, chances are, you have a loved one who is being held in jail who cannot afford to post bond.  If that is the case, there are options for your loved one’s release from jail, including an ROR (release on your own recognizance), pre-trial release, and/or a bond reduction.

If you are ROR’ed, you are released from jail while your case is pending, and you are promising the court that you will appear for all of your scheduled court dates. 

If you are released on pre-trial release, you are released from jail while your case is pending, and you will be supervised by a pre-trial officer. The judge can place conditions on your pre-trial release, such as an ankle monitor, drug testing, or no victim contact.

If your bond is reduced, you will go through the normal steps to post your bond at the lowered, more affordable amount.

There are appropriate motions that must be filed and the right evidence and arguments must be presented to ensure the best chances of release. If your loved one is being held in jail after an arrest and cannot afford to post bond, contact Burkhardt Legal today and let us take immediate action to fight for your loved one’s release!

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